Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

July, 2018


You have an attractive personality. You are not only sharp-minded but also, amiable with others. You have many friends and are clear-hearted. This implies that anyone can easily befriend you. You may enter into a partnership with one of your besties. Doing so may help you succeed. If you are making some work-related plans during this month, there are higher chances of achieving success. You have a serious nature. Tasks undertaken with seriousness may bring you success. Your success in implementing work plans may be short-lived. If you are planning to involve yourself in some Government-related task, you may face problems. You may access more financial resources with hard work and tireless efforts. There are chances of you acquiring immoveable property in this month. You may gain better when you work harder. If you do not labor and act according to time and situation, your luck may leave your side. This implies that your luck depends on your efforts. Besides your besties, your relations with your kins may also improve. You may also succeed in achieving a higher position in your company. You may even secure a job, if you are seeking one. For those taking interviews during July 2018, it is time to celebrate your new success. You may, however, be able to succeed in your career after a lot of helter skelter. Mars transiting in Capricorn moon sign may do well to your career. You may, however, have to work harder and put in more efforts. If you are a politician, your opponent may bring you much stress during this month. Avoid entering into a tiff with anyone in this time. It may be better for you to keep calm and continue working harder. Once your lucks begins to favor you more, you can show to your opponents that you are no less than anyone is. Pay more heed to your health. Your health may deteriorate due to unnecessary work pressure and stress. There are chances of a dispute in your family, due to which, your work may obstruct. Try to maintain peace in your family so that your professional life does not affect. Your luck may favor you more during this period. Moreover, your business has higher chances of success. During this month, you may achieve according to your effort. This implies that you may not get anything extra for which you do not work hard. If you are a businessperson and looking for a new business opportunity, you may undertake transport or property-related business. Such business may face obstacles in the beginning but, towards the latter half of the month, condition may be favorable for you. Since Jupiter transits in Libra moon sign during this period, you may grow luckier and attain wealth. When you work harder and put in all your efforts in your job or business, success will not be far from you. You may avail benefits, being in company of reputed people. Right contacts may bring professional benefits. Try to maintain harmonious relations with influential people. You can work according to your knowledge and ability. Your stability and seriousness is, however, significant in this time. If you are not serious in your work, you may have to face failure. Your financial condition may be a bit stressful in this month, due to which you may be over-stressed mentally. Do not lose patience in this time. Take better care of yourself and continue working harder to fare well in your business and job.


Since Jupiter is transiting in Libra moon sign, this month may benefit you financially. You may avail more financial opportunities. Do not panic if you have to face any helter skelter or stress due to business. You may get monetary benefits in this time. There are greater chances of your business achieving financial success. You may be able to book profits. You may encounter problems in the beginning of this month but later things may go smoother. Be patient and success may come to you easily. Your luck may favor you more during this month. Your family’s support may prove advantageous for you. July 2018 may be favorable for you from a financial point of view. If you are planning to invest to acquire a moveable and immoveable property, you may succeed in acquiring it. You should, however, avoid any irrelevant transactions. Do not trust others easily when it comes to money-matters. Trust your instincts and work independently. Involving others in your business may not be a safe bet during this period. There are chances of you making financial losses. You may encounter any type of money-related issues. Acting with prudence may, therefore, be beneficial for you in this time.


As far as your health is concerned, conditions may remain favorable in this time. No serious health issue may occur during this period. You may have to encounter little problems every now and then. Conditions may become better towards the latter half of this month. You, however, need to organize yourself in a better manner. Pay more attention to what you eat. You may do any kind of workout to stay healthier. Since this month may lend you more mental stress, you may meditate or consult a psychologist for help. Avoid stress due to overwork and spend some time in leisure.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions may grow a bit stressful in your love life. You may have a dispute with your lover due to tiff between you two. Trivial issues may grow into bigger problems. You, therefore, need to be careful while dealing with your lover. There may arise problems between lovers due to another person. Your harmonious relations may perturb due to lack of compatibility and build a bridge between the two of you. Your work plans may also face obstacles. Such circumstances may arise during this period that lend you mental disturbance and unnecessary stress. During this month, your marital life may remain stable. Though your compatibility with your spouse may improve, you may have to stay aloof from him or her without any reason. This is time to control your emotions and avoid getting into an unnecessary argument with your spouse. It is advisable to act wisely and according to time and situation. Think twice before seeking your spouse assistance in completing a task. Issues may crop up due to difference of opinion between you and your life-partner. You may plan to undertake an important job towards the latter half of July 2018, as condition may be favorable at that time.

Family & Friends

You may be able to expand your work plans with your family’s support during this month. You may get rid of all your problems with better compatibility among family members. When there is better compatibility in the family, your luck may favor you more. You may succeed in what you do. You may be successful in household jobs. During this month, you may see an equilibrium in the family. You may get along well with your near and dear ones. There may be peace and prosperity at home. Your relations with your parents may even improve. You may face problems due to bad health of your parents. If you try to expand your work plans, you may avail support of your parents and the entire family. Your business may do much better than before. Some auspicious event may take place at home in this month. The quality of ambience at home may improve.


During this month, ordain Saturn with mustard oil. You should also lit sesame seed oil in Saturn’s Temple or under Peepal tree. Donate black urad dal, coconut, and coal by wrapping them up in a black-colored cloth. You may also flow them in river. Opting for these remedies may prove beneficial for you during this period.

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