Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

July, 2018


You are a philanthropist and patient by nature. There is possibility of success when you work with stability and seriousness. You are contemplative and ambitious. You are a responsible person who does all his or her work on time. Capricorn natives are known to be hard working, which is why, you may succeed in your business. You may be satisfied with your household. You are a person who does not believe in self-praise. There are chances of you achieving success when you undertake a job with confidence. Your condition may improve towards the latter half of July 2018. If you wish to make a business trip, you may succeed in doing so. There may arise some obstacles in way of your work. You may experience hindrances in Government related work that may ultimately increase your expenses. It may be better for you to maintain balance between your income and expenses. Your condition may be stressful with regard to immoveable property. You may face trouble in accumulating wealth. Spending money may, however, be easier during this period. Such may be your circumstances in this month. Your relations with your kins may deteriorate. In such times, it may be better for you to stay aloof from them. Keeping distance with your relatives may prove beneficial during this period. Do not seek assistance of your kins in your business. If you are working, you may avail better career opportunities in this month. You may promote to a higher position in your company. A special friend may be helpful in this time. Try to maintain harmonious relations with your seniors. You may need their support during this period. In fact, your promotion may come sooner with such friendly relations. You may buy a new house or car in this month; resulting in more expenditure. Conditions may be unfavorable for parents during July 2018. You may achieve success late due to lack of confidence. During this month, if you have any plans to travel abroad, you may face problems. If you keep on working hard and trying, however, conditions may turn in your favor towards the latter half of this month. You may benefit by travelling abroad. Likewise, you may also be able to expand your business. Your family life may be stressful during this period. Your differences with your life-partner may become responsible for a stressful environment at home. Your luck may favor you more in this month. Your business conditions may also improve towards the latter half of this month. Your patience may pay you at this time. You may even make financial gains. Undertaking tasks with patience and in a strategical manner may land you up in a win-win situation. If you are patient and strategic by nature, success may be behind you.


Your financial condition may remain favorable during this month. You may accomplish success only when your toil and efforts are directed towards making financial gains. There are fair chances of you earning money according to your field and profession. You may not be able to mint any extra money. Your business may witness highs and lows during this period. Your work may obstruct in these times. You may, therefore, suffer from financial loss. Do not lose hope and continue to work. Your hard work pays off. There is possibility of a favorable condition from financial point of view. You may acquire wealth in this time. There are chances of you acquiring a property. Your luck may be in your favor. Capricorn natives who try to finish a new task may succeed. If you are planning to start a new venture, you may do so. You may, however, face more problems financially. Think before you act. It may be beneficial for you to learn about the job in which you plan to invest your valuable time and energy. Prudence is the key here. Take your decisions wisely in this time. Avoid transacting money during this month. Do not deal with a person who may harm you in future. Take ample time to trust people in business. Be aware in financial matters. Keep your eyes open and you may book profits during this period.


During July 2018, there are chances of you suffering from physical problems, such as fever, cold, and cough. Infection may also affect you. It may, therefore, be beneficial for you to take good care of your health. You need to be aware of what you eat. There is no probability of a serious health problem. You, still, need to be cautious. Monitor your health, keep a tab on your food habits and work out daily. Do not mix up or go near people bearing infection. You may also go for routine medical checkup during this period.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life may be in problem during this month. Your relations with your lover may make your life problematic. You may have to suffer financial loss due to bad health of your lover. You may need to take him or her to the doctor for treatment. There may arise a discord between you two. It may, therefore, be better to take care of one another for lovelier relations. Avoid discussing any work with your lover during this period. Do not involve him or her in your professional life. It may be better to address only love-related concerns in this time. You may discuss your relation with your lover. If you are planning to propose him or her, it is advisable not to do so during this month. Avoid sharing your thoughts and feelings with your lover. Try to get over with an unnecessary argument between you two. Your marital life may also negatively affect during this month. There are less chances of marital success. You may have to face several problems due to lack of support from your spouse end. There may be disturbance at home that may affect your business badly. You may encounter mental stress. Try to maintain healthier relations with your life-partner to prevent future problems. Your business should not suffer loss due to household issues. Keep calm and refrain entering in an argument with your spouse.

Family & Friends

During this month, there are chances of more compatibility amidst your family members. There may be a tiff among them due to trivial household problems. No dispute may, however, arise during this period. A guest may become the cause of stress at home. Conditions can, however, turn in your favor towards the latter half of July 2018. There may be difference of opinion among your kins. Any mishappening or family-related problem may not arise in this time. It may be beneficial for you to act according to time and situation. Your luck may come to your side, when you act wisely and do right at the right time. You may develop lovelier relations with your parents during this period. You may receive more and more blessings of your mother and father. You need to take proper care of your father’s health in this month, as he may encounter certain health-related issues. You may even suffer from some kind of financial loss. Not only paying more heed to your father’s health at this time but also, showing him more reverence may be beneficial for you in future. Your child may create problems for you. You may be mentally disturbed, as your child may lack in studies. You can try to maintain a peaceful atmosphere at home. Your support may improve your family condition in a better manner. Your family may also assist you in your business this way.


Donate black-colored objects on every Saturday of this month. Lit sesame oil lamp in Saturn’s temple and under Peepal tree every day. Chant Hanumana Chalisa on a daily basis. Opting for these remedies may prove beneficial for you. Worshipping Saturn and Hanumana may bring you fruitful results with you getting rid of all obstacles. Your business may do better than before and there may be peace in your personal life. Donating black-colored objects in this month may keep you away from all kinds of problems.

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Lucky number: 6, 9 and 8
Lucky Color: White, red and blue
Lucky Day: Tuesday, Saturday

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