Monthly Gemini Horoscope

July, 2018


You are jolly by nature. You are a humble orator known for clear speech. You like travelling and constant change in life. You are interested in sports and fashion. There are chances of you achieving success in arts and literature. You are mentally strong and possess a passionate personality, which is why;you undertake tasks passionately and with firm determination. There is fair possibility of you being victorious. There are chances of you coincidentally gaining huge wealth. You may also earn more respect and better status during this period. There may be seen an improvement in tasks done before. This implies that if you had been unsuccessful in some work earlier, you may succeed it during Jupiter Transit 2018. You may have to face family-related problems.
You may participate in new tasks with confidence. This month, your relations with your family may be affected negatively. You may also undergo stress due to wealth and immoveable property. There are fair chances of you accomplishing success during this period. If you are working, you may get a higher rank or promote to the next level. You may emerge winner in whatever you do. There is high probability of you buying a new car or house. Your social status may grow during this time span. In case of students, academic performance may improve. In other words, Gemini student natives may excel in exams. You may even succeed in competitive exams.
You may face some obstacles, if you have plans to travel abroad. If you are preparing to visit any foreign country in this month, there may crop up hindrances in your way. This situation may, however, improve towards the latter half of July 2018. Your health may also see some highs and lows during this period. You may suffer from trivial health-related problems. You should, therefore, take proper care of your health. Be cautious of what you eat during these days. Workout daily and meditate for mental peace. Your luck may favor you this month. You may perform better in your job or business. The situation may be favorable from career point of view. You just need to work hard. Keep on trying to achieve the best in your job and business.
If you own a business, you may witness growth this month. Jupiter transiting in Libra is a healthy sign for your business. There are fair chances of prosperity in your business. You may also book profits. If you are planning to expand your business or open a new venture, you may be successful in doing so. You need to, however, be careful while transacting. Stay away from negative-minded people. They make leave a negative harmful effect on you and your work. You are an independent person. It is beneficial for you to work independently. You may achieve huge success with time. July 2018 may prove to be the best time for business owners in terms of making more financial gains. Investors can even think of investing during this period. There are low chances of losses this time.


You may avail excellent opportunities to attain wealth in this month. You may benefit financially by coming in contact with an outsider. This means that you may meet someone who brings lucrative financial deals for you. You may, however, face trouble by investing your hard-earned money elsewhere. It is advisable to invest in your business, if you are looking for long-term gains. Since Mars is accompanying Dragon’s tail and transiting in Capricorn, there may be loss of wealth during this period. You need to be careful while transacting money. Your negligence may end in financial loss this month. It may prove beneficial for you to invest in your business. You may witness growth in your career and business. If you are planning to expand your business and even trying hard to book profits, you may succeed in doing so. In case of those who start a new venture shortly, there are greater chances of success. You may face obstacles in acquiring immoveable property, which is why; you need not try your hands on any kind of immoveable property. Your family and friends may be instrumental in your financial loss. You, therefore, need to be financially aware. Do not trust your family and friends easily in money matters. Keep your business secrets with yourself and do not involve anyone else in financial matters during this time span. You should accumulate wealth generated out of your business. Save money for future investments. You may be mentally stressed due to any extra expense during this period. Ensure that your expenses in July 2018 do not exceed your income.


You may face health problems in this month. You may get in the grip of diseases. There are chances of your physical health being adversely affected. Do not stress your body by overworking. Keep calm and do your work. Physical stress may cost your health. Be careful while driving, as there is fair possibility of accident and injuries. You may ask someone to accompany you while going out. Besides health problems, you may suffer from monetary loss. Pay much attention to your health and finances in this month.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

As far as love is concerned, situations may favor you this month. Things may happen according to your will. You need to, however, think in the right direction and feel positive for others. Try to work hard to maintain healthy relationship with your lover. Buy your lover some gift when you meet him or her. If you plan to deceive your lover, it may prove harmful for you. If you wish to propose your lover this month, you may do so. You may also be successful in making work-related discussions with your girl or boy friend. You may hang around with your lover during this period. Spending more time with him or her may make you happier. Likewise, your future relations may also get better. Your marital life may be blissful this time but there are less chances of your spouse’s support. Your business may be adversely affected in this way. It is your responsibility to try to ameliorate your family life. Due to compatibility between you and your spouse, business may also witness better growth. You may be stressful this month. Communicating little with your life-partner to avoid conflicts and stress may prove to be beneficial for your future.

Family & Friends

Your family-related circumstances may be favorable this month. Relations amongst family members may improve during this period. Your siblings may support you more than before in your business. Try to maintain harmonious relations with your parents and siblings, as trivial problems may give birth to big problems. Do not make a mountain out of a molehill. There may arise some dispute in your family due to an outsider. Act wisely and do not believe everything you hear. Remember that every matter can be resolved and trusting more on your family members is the best policy this time. Keep calm as anger may worsen your relations. Mercury is accompanying Dragon’s head and transiting in Cancer moon sign, which is why, you may lose control on your mind and speech. Talking senselessly may result in problems. As presaged by planetary positions, family situation may worsen. Your business may also suffer losses. It may, therefore, be better to act with prudence. You should try to maintain healthier relations with family members. Your relationship with your parents will remain positive. You should maintain stronger bond with your parents, if you are seeking their support. Your efforts may not go waste this time. Your children may not disappoint you during this period. You may be satisfied by their academic performance. Your children may assist you in your business.


Worship Lord Ganesha every Wednesday and chant Hanumana Chalisa everyday. You need Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanumana blessings the most this time. Donate green-colored objects on Wednesday, especially feed straw to cow. Doing so may lessen your troubles. Offering water to The God Surya may build more confidence. Your health and business may even get better through worshipping Lord Surya.

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