Monthly Leo Horoscope

July, 2018


You possess an attractive personality. You are a person who acts as a leader and fully exercise his administrative rights. You have the ability to emerge as a powerful leader. Your lifestyle is no less than extraordinary. This implies that you live like a king amidst luxury and royalty. You may grow to become a better administrator and your business situation may improve too. You are very responsible by nature.
During this month, your business may perform better than before. There are chances of you facing hindrances in your work. You may, however, succeed with hard work and constant efforts. You may get sure-shot success if you undertake a task with stability. You may gain financially this month; however, there is possibility of overspending money. Spend according to your budget, so that your expenses do not exceed income. You may have to travel unnecessarily, due to which your expenses pile up. There are chances of you spending money on religious deeds. You may benefit from spiritual and worldly pleasures during this month. There are chances of you enjoying the life in this time.
Your relations with family members may remain normal. You may succeed in accumulating wealth. If you are working, you may perform better at work. There is possibility of you achieving a higher position with your friend’s support. You may buy a new house or car this month. Your luck favors you, so work hard to extract the maximum out of this time. There may arise a dispute in your family. Avoid arguments and conflicts with your family, as it may cost you later. If you are studying, you may feel stressed due to your studies. Keep calm and study a little every day. Students who study just a day before exams or are not punctual in their classes, may have to face unnecessary mental stress.
If you do not work hard to accomplish your goals, you may not be successful at all. You should not purely rely on your luck, as rightly said, “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”. During this month, you may have to put in your heart and soul to earn victory. You may have to work hard both mentally and physically; only then can you accomplish what you aim for. If you have plans to travel abroad for work purpose during this period, you may be able to implement your plans. You may be stuck in family-related problems this month. Time is favorable for you from career point of view but your marital life may be stressful.
You have chances of faring well in international business deals. In other words, if you have foreign ties or are in contact with some company abroad, you may book profits. Your luck may also favor you and this time may prove auspicious from financial perspective. Try to keep a tab on your expenses this month. You act according to the time and situation, which results in your victory. You can easily mold yourself in adverse situations and this quality differentiates you from others. Leo natives do not generally face any issue due to such virtues. You can implement your tasks in a well-organized manner but undertaking them carefully may prove beneficial.


This month brings you stress due to deteriorating financial condition. There are chances of you suffering financial loss. You may face monetary problems due to unnecessary work or travel. You may have to bear losses due to certain projects underway. It may be better for you not to extend any projects from a financial point of view. You may witness growth in your career during this period. Your financial situation may, however, be unfavorable. You may book profits or make financial gains after a lot of helter skelter and stress. You may have to labor to achieve returns. If you work harder with will-power and determination, your wealth may increase manifolds. If you make investments, it may prove beneficial for you during this period. If you spend money to buy an immoveable property or car, it may be a wasteful expenditure. You may spend money to invest and hence, book profits. Your financial situation may improve towards the latter half of this month. There are fair chances of you making monetary gains. Be careful while transacting money during this time span. Do not trust others easily. Think wisely before you act. Take your time before conducting business. You should try to gain maximum benefits in July 2018, as your luck is on your side. You may be able to crack the most profitable deals.


Your health may be a cause of worry for you this month. You may suffer from acne or any other skin-related ailments. You may also get affected by stomach infection. During this time, you need to take care of your diet and avoid eating outside. Eating healthy may prove beneficial for you in the long-run. You may also practice yoga to cure stomach-related diseases. Ensure proper care and hydration of your skin. Doing so will make you more beautiful than before.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life may remain favorable this month. If you are in love, you may even propose your lover. There are fair chances of your lover accepting your proposal. Not only do your relations become lovelier but also, your business condition may improve. Your lover may support in your career growth. He or she may even advice you on how to make your professional life better. Do not hesitate to discuss your professional life with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Others’ suggestions may prove beneficial for you. You may go on a trip to spend time with your partner. This trip may strengthen your mutual love and bring much success in business. One should stay happy for mental development. During this month, your marital life may be blissful. You may also earn support from your in-laws. You are advised to maintain healthier relation with your spouse to succeed personally and professionally. You may also plan a trip with your life-partner during this period. Luck may favor you more this time. You may be able to act wisely in these adverse conditions. You may need more family support to handle tough situation. All your problems may go for a toss with your life-partner by your side. Your love life may through difficult times during July 2018. Your married life may, however, be favorable and bring you more luck.

Family & Friends

There may crop up several problems in the family due to dispute. Your family life may go unbalanced due to lack of compatibility among your loved ones. You may be troubled due to tiffs and tussle among family members. You need to maintain healthy relations with everyone during this period. Any dispute at home may culminate in an inauspicious event. You may have to work harder to bring more unity in the family, so that all grow together. You need to ensure that family-related matters may not bother you all the time. Do not get stuck in these problems. You may need to play a crucial role in resolving household matters. Only then can you progress better in your life. You may even get parental support when you are confident to build better compatibility among your family members. If you do not take interest in resolving family issues, your parents may not cooperate with you as well. Therefore, it becomes important to keep your family situation in control. You should act according to the time and situation. If you help your child at his or her studies, they may score excellent grades. Your child may support you in this time. You are courageous and authoritative, which makes you capable of tackling your family situation. You need to be more humble towards your close ones during this period.


Offering water to God Surya and chanting Aditya Hridaya Stotram may prove beneficial for you. Your confidence may increase and both your health and business may be advantaged. You may not only get benefit in every way but also, all your desires may get fulfilled. You may even donate red-colored objects on Sunday. Sunday is considered to be the worship day of God Surya.

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