Monthly Libra Horoscope

July, 2018


You have a pleasing personality and are sharp-minded. Libra natives are just and peaceful by nature. Besides, you are dexterous in arbitration work. Nature wise, you are a reformist, philosopher, and sage. Your love for children is special. Libra natives are known to be lovers of art, dance and literature. Control your anger and panic, as you may enter into a tiff with your close ones. You may have to cope up with stress due to such dispute. During this period of Jupiter Transit 2018, you may see more happiness in your family and enjoy parenthood too. Since Mars is transiting in an exalted moon sign, that is auspicious to gain wealth and acquire an immoveable property, you may progress by obtaining wealth and immoveable property. If you are working, you may witness fair chances of growth. There is probability of you earning a position in the company. You may promote to a higher designation that brings you more responsibilities. You may see some lows and highs in your career graph. You may face stress due to your officials. During this time, it may be better for you to maintain harmonious relation with your officer. You may encounter some obstacles while buying a new house or car in this period. You may succeed if you put in sheer hard work. If you are a student, this time may prove to be favorable for your studies. You may make better gains this month. Tireless efforts at your end bring you more luck. During this period, if you are appearing for a technical exam, you may achieve success. You may be able to defeat your enemies. If there is an ongoing dispute, it may end towards the latter half of this month. In case you are litigating or involved in a lawsuit, the decision may be in your favor. Your plans of travelling abroad may be fruitful, especially if you are travelling for work. Your trip may bring success and benefits to your job and business. Besides your business, your luck may also remain more favorable for you in this time. If you own a business, your business may grow better. For those planning to start a new venture, it may be favorable to do so in the latter half of the month. This month is lucky from a financial angle. You may get better financial opportunities in this time. Businesses related to food, art, and décor may book higher profits. If you wish to start your business, you may explore opportunities in these fields. You may also choose to deal in cosmetics. During this time, Venus is transiting in Cancer moon sign. This is auspicious for your professional life. Follow your heart and then undertake tasks. You may emerge as a winner, when you act according to time and situation. Conditions may remain normal during this month.


There are fair chances of you registering financial gains during this month. You may achieve success in tasks undertaken with confidence. Climb up your career ladder with a confident mind and an enthusiastic heart. Your financial condition may improve during this period. You may plan to expand your business. Dragon’s Head is, however, transiting in Cancer moon sign. This transit may create obstacles in the path of your business. Financial condition in the beginning of July 2018 may remain normal due to Sun’s transit in Gemini moon sign. There is more probability of you booking profits during the start of this month. Just work hard and you may be victorious. You may have suffer from financial problems, which is why; you need not plan a new business or expansion in this month. If you wish to grow your business, doing so is advisable towards the latter half of the month. Be careful while transacting money. It may be better not to trust people easily. Remember that it is always better to act according to time and situation. Jupiter Transit 2018 predicts financial gains for you but you may face troubles due to highs and lows in your business. Think before you take any business decision. A prudent decision may prove to be beneficial in future.


As far as your health is concerned, you need not worry about it during this month. Jupiter Transit 2018 may not pose any kind of serious harm to you. You may stay healthy and fit during this period. You may, however, face trivial health issues. Keep a tab on what you eat, as intake of unhygienic food may cost your health. You may suffer from stomach-related diseases. Practicing yoga or exercising daily may be of great help at this time. If you are a junk food, avoid eating junk during this month. It is well said, “Precaution is better than cure”. It may be beneficial for you to be cautious of your health and do medical checkup before any medical issue strikes you.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Circumstances related to your love life may be favorable in this month. Not only your relations with your lover may grow sweeter but also, your married life may run smoother. Your married life may not be rough on you during this period. It is time to relax and enjoy your love and married life. Your spouse may support you more than before. Your business prospects may also grow higher in this time. You may succeed in acquiring immoveable property. Personal life always affects your professional life. If you have plans to travel for work, you may be successful in undertaking that journey. Your life-partner may play an instrumental role in your success. You may plan a date with your lover this month and propose him or her for marriage. You may even involve your lover in discussions. Discussing your work and problems with your lover may prove fruitful for you. You may take his or her suggestion for your business. Your career may see higher chances of growth with better compatibility between you two. You may enter into a partnership with your lover for cracking profitable business deals. Your lover may be crucial for your success during this month. You may have to travel abroad due to work commitments. Your spouse support may hone your relations with in-laws.

Family & Friends

During this month, your family’s temperament may be in a bad state. There may arise some property-related dispute. Your family balance may even affect due to lack of compatibility amongst family members. In fact, your business may go through a bad phase due to dispute at home. It will be beneficial for you to bring about more integrity within your family. Try to resolve their issues, as doing so is crucial now. You may grow both personally and professionally during this period. Being a Libra native, you know better how to maintain balance between your family life and career. You are the only one who is capable of settling all disputes among your near and dear ones. Better compatibility and integrity within your family members may bring more success to your business. There are fair chances of a business expansion. You may see lows and highs at work during this month. Family support may, therefore, be of great help. Your parents may extend their full support in your business. There are chances of you entering into a tiff with your parents, which is why; you may need to maintain healthier relations with them during this period. Try to be more patient with your siblings. You may be responsible for a better harmony between you, your parents, and siblings. Your family condition may remain normal this month. Your child may satisfy you by concentrating on their career well. Their help in your business will boost your morale. You may need to work harder for your family’s love and support in this month.


Make Tuladaan and donate yellow-colored objects every Thursday. It may also be beneficial for you to worship Lord Hanumana. Doing so may resolve all problems you have been facing lately. You may rid of your physical ailments. Opting for these solutions may improve your bad health during this period and bring more success to your business.

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