Monthly Pisces Horoscope

July, 2018


You are a humble and peace-loving person. You are a theist. Pisces natives are religious-minded and generous. You may be interested in social work with others’ help. Besides business, you have interests in Religion, Karma, and Social Work. During this month, you may earn goodwill and reputation for your contribution towards the society. You may face struggle in your business. You may make better financial gains after lot of toil and efforts. You may achieve success only after putting in your tireless efforts. Your financial condition may improve with time. Mars is transiting in Capricorn moon sign during this period. This transit may be beneficial from financial perspective. If you are working, your colleagues may extend you more support in this time. Maintaining good contact with higher officials in the company may result in higher position and more responsibilities. During this month, there are chances of buying a new house or car. If you are planning to buy a car, you may succeed in doing so. This time may be favorable for students. You may perform well in studies. You may face troubles due to lack of concentration. Your performance in exams may disappoint you. It is advisable to concentrate more on your studies. Only then can you succeed. If there is a dispute in the family or you are stuck in any kind of discord, situation may be favorable for you in this month. You may even travel abroad during this period. Those planning to travel abroad for business may be able to do so. Not only may your luck favor you but also, your business may become more successful than before. Jupiter transiting in Libra moon sign may be beneficial from business perspective. You may avail better financial opportunities during this month but, you need to be careful while transacting money. You may be able to make investments in this month. You may accomplish success in tasks undertaken with full devotion and responsibility. You are incapable of making decisions, which is why; your business or job may face obstacles. It may, therefore, be better to strategize, gather information, prepare a plan, and then implement the task. Approaching towards work in this manner may be highly beneficial. Besides financial gains, there are chances of you building new relationships during this month. You may come in touch with people right for your business or profession. These relations may be crucial to make your situation favorable in future.


This month may be fruitful for you from financial point of view. Your hard work and efforts may guarantee your success. You may even attain wealth with toil and firm determination. Think before you expand any business plan to book profits. You may suffer losses otherwise. If you are not prudent and seek expert advice before expanding your business, you may face failure. Invest your valuable time and energy in your core business. Doing so may benefit you financially and improve your financial condition. If you put yourself in many things altogether, you may suffer financial setback. During this month, your luck may favor you and bring much growth to your business. If you work harder with perseverance, there are greater chances of making financial gains. You need to be careful at the time of transacting money in this month. You may help the needy. Doing some kind of charity may bring you good luck. You need not invest money where there are higher chances of incurring a loss. Do not lend money to someone to gain interest. This time is favorable to attain wealth, when you work harder for it. You may plan to do a business to attain wealth.


Your health condition may remain stable during this month. Your lower back, however, may cause you trouble. You may face medical issues pertaining to urine, cough, cold, and fever. You need to take proper care of your health during this period, so that you may not encounter such medical issues. Exercising daily may be better to deal with lower backache. You may also need to stay away from people with infection. You may develop a viral infection, if you come in contact of a communicable disease, like cold. Take a balanced diet and do not forget visiting doctor for medical checkups. Your work may affect due to bad health, so it may be better to prevent a disease. Leave unhealthy food and lifestyle habits. Avoid eating junk. Remember prevention is always better than cure.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life may turn upside down in this month. You may lose trust in your lover due to unnecessary tiff between you two. There are chances of you staying aloof from your lover. Besides lack of compatibility, your love for him or her may also experience change. You may make a mountain out of a molehill. Refrain from doing so. You may need to be more romantic in this time. You may plan to hang around with your lover. Spending more time with him or her may prove to be fruitful for your relation. It may be favorable for your relationship. Your relations with your lover may improve towards the latter half of this month, if you work on your relations and make them lovelier. Your marital life may undergo stress in this month. Your spouse may not support you, therefore, giving rise to problems. Your family atmosphere may deteriorate due to tiffs between you two. Your business may also face obstacles. You may be unable to travel abroad during this period. Your in-laws may also stress you. You may succeed with hard work. You may be successful in maintaining healthier relations with your life-partner. Keep calm and continue to respect your spouse feelings for a long-term and healthier relationship.

Family & Friends

Your family ambience may remain normal in this month. You may, however, witness highs and lows due to certain unnecessary problem. You may stress due to difference of opinion. This implies that your family members may have different opinions during this period. Obstacles can be seen in the way of a task. Your near and dear ones may remain too busy in their lives during this month that they may not have time to support you more. It may be better for your family members to empathize with each other and be compatible. It may otherwise be harmful for your family life. You may have to suffer problems due to dispute at home. You may cease to progress and your opponents may take advantage of such a situation. During this month, your parents may support you more. Their blessings will be helpful for you. If you are a parent, your child may be responsible for stress. Your expenses on their studies and health may increase. Likewise, you may be mentally more stressful. Try to resolve family problems, as you are the only one who can successfully do so. Work with stability and seriousness to succeed. Condition may improve towards the latter half of July 2018.


During this month, it may be beneficial for you to fast every Thursday. You should also donate to a Brahmin. Besides fasting and worshipping every Thursday during this period, you may organize Sankranti with your family’s support. Organizing Satyanarayana Katha on full-moon day may be fruitful for you. This is the time when you face medical issues. Your business may affect in these times; leaving you with big financial losses. If you opt for these remedies and offer your prayers to Lord Vishnu, your luck may favor you tremendously. When you fast on Thursday, take food only once. Take only yellow-colored food, including Bengal Gram.

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