Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

July, 2018


You are a very hardworking and confident person. You have willingness to undertake jobs and try to complete them with courage and authority. You may, therefore, have higher chances of success at work. You possess knowledge of occult sciences and take advantage of this knowledge from time to time. You commit a mistake unintentionally due to which you may have to face troubles. Keep calm and control your emotions while conducting business or working in office to gain benefits. You may excel in the field of administration and may advance better in your business. During this month, you may witness a rise in your expenses but, you may be able to earn your bread and butter post struggle. It may be advantageous for you to labor to make financial gain. There may be more helter skelter due to your business. You may come in touch with eminent people after 16th July, 2018, which may offer right direction to your business. You may develop more interest in religion and karma. You may enter into a tiff with your near and dear ones due to your loss of temperament. It may, therefore, be beneficial for you to act with stability and seriousness. During this period, you may see auspicious signs of earning a higher position or designation. You may have to shoulder more responsibilities. Your efforts to maintain lovelier relations with your colleagues may improve in this time. You may buy a new car during this period. If you are planning to buy a house or car, you may achieve success. This may prove to be a favorable time for business owners. You may, however, encounter problems in your business, if you fail to make the right decision at the right time. For students, this month may bring its own challenges. There may arise stressful and chaotic situations, if you are preparing for competitive exams. There are fair chances of accomplishing success after all this helter skelter. Your luck may favor you more and your business may do better in this time. There is high probability of you travelling abroad during this month. If you have applied or, are planning to apply for a visa, you may succeed. From health point of view, there are chances of you getting injured. You need to take proper care and attention in such a situation. Jupiter Transit 2018 may bring more financial gains for you. You may better financial opportunities in this time. Emerging new relations may even open doors to new tasks. You may be required to act with wisdom. Acting according to time and situation and with prudence may guarantee your chances of success during this month. It is advisable to you not to make any decision in haste or anger, as otherwise you may have to suffer losses. You need to keep your calm and conduct business wisely.


You may grab lucrative financial opportunities in July 2018. You may achieve success wherever you make efforts for financial gains. Circumstances may also be favorable from a career point of view. You may witness some highs and lows in your business but, there is possibility of booking profits during this period. Your luck may be more favorable in this time. You will emerge as a winner in the tasks undertaken. Being courageous and authoritative, you act with energy and enthusiasm and hence, succeed according to time and situation. Your financial condition may improve during this period. Try to save money as there are signs of a higher expenditure. Plan a budget for the month and spend according to what you earn. If your expenses exceed income, you may have to face financial troubles later. Refrain travelling unnecessarily to save your valuable money and time. Invest money only when need arises. You need to strengthen your financial position during this time span, so avoid needless investments. Control your emotions and do not trust people easily. Beware of others, as they may trouble you financially, due to which financial problems may crop up.


There is no possibility of any health-related problems during this month. There may erupt trivial problems every now and then. You may suffer from cough, cold, and fever during this period. Take proper care of your health and avoid coming in close contact with flu patients. Avoid eating outside and exercise daily to stay fit and healthy. Since, there are no chances of you suffering from any severe disease, you should act wisely and prioritize your health. Remember the saying, “Health is Wealth”. Try to prevent the disease before you have to cure it, as your work may hamper due to bad health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life may undergo stress during this month. Your expenses may pile up due to unnecessary travelling. You may be troubled due to wandering and shopping needlessly. Do not go out unnecessarily and spend only on necessities during this period. You may enter into a tiff with your lover due to mental disturbance. Your disturbed mind may become the reason of bickering between you two. Try not to extend any business or work-related plans with your lover during this month. Hold such plans for some time and spend more time in loving and understanding each other. You can discuss your career and grow professionally with your lover later. Try to keep your lover happy and satisfied in this time, as it is the most important. Do not hang around much or spend extravagantly, as otherwise you may have to suffer losses. Act according to time and situation. Save now to spend later. There may be an unnecessary dispute between you and your lover. Keep calm and continue to love him or her. Your married life may see more success during this month. It may become happier than before. Your life-partner may also support you in your business to achieve success. There is probability of your in-laws’ support. Your business may not only be successful but also, you may be mentally satisfied. Try to stay happy with your spouse and help her in household chores to gain happiness and benefits. Your life-partner may prove helpful for you in this time.

Family & Friends

Family condition may remain stable this month. Your compatibility with your family members may improve. Besides showing sympathy, your near and dear ones may also extend support to you. You may cooperate more with your family. Your close ones may also lend a helping hand in your business. There may be an atmosphere of happiness at home due to love and compatibility amongst family members. Your near and dear ones may be in a mood of celebration. During this month, there are fair chances of an auspicious deed taking place at home. You may be inclined more towards religion and karma. Your family may be in a state of joy. Your involvement in religious and spiritual deeds may bring peace and prosperity among your close ones. There is possibility of your parents supporting you more during this month. Take your parents in your confidence. Your parents may not only shower their blessings on you but also, play an instrumental role in your business. You relations with your kins may also get better in this time. There may, however, arise unnecessary problems. Try not meeting your relatives often, as otherwise your family life may become troublesome. Maintain a balance between your immediate family and relatives. There should not be any scope of clashes between the two. You may even be stressed financially during this month. You should, therefore, spend your hard-earned money wisely. There are chances of your child’s support. During this period, you may have to spend on his or her studies.


Worship Lord Hanumana and become his devotee. Chant Sundarkanda every Tuesday and Saturday. Try to chant Sundarkanda every day, if possible. If not, chanting is compulsory on Tuesday and Saturday. If you opt for these remedies, all your future problems may be resolved. You may also achieve better success in your business. Worshipping Lord Hanumana renders you relief from physical and mental stress, which is beneficial for your future.

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